Rose and Star Press brings together the publishing expertise and vibrant vision of several women whose passion for lesbian love stories and great writing are a lifetime in the making.

Natalie Vivien, Founder and Managing Editor

Natalie Vivien has been writing and publishing for over seventeen years.  She was born with a pen in her hand and is deeply passionate about bringing well-written, romantic and heart-felt lesbian love stories into the world and helping facilitate this for others.  Natalie has over fifteen years of professional experience providing substantive and copy editing.

Bridget Essex, Founder and Production Consultant

Bridget Essex created her own graphic design business in 1999, and since then has created many eye-catching book covers and web sites for satisfied clients–she became the head designer for Rose and Star Press since its inception.  Also a professional eBook and print book formatter, she brings her keen eye for design to the novels published by Rose and Star Press.

Marian Snowe, Editorial Consultant

Marian Snowe has over fifteen years of professional writing experience and has worked as an editor for the past ten years. She has also taught college-level writing and grammar. She brings her dedication to quality story-telling and and her love of a well-wrought sentence to Rose and Star Press.


P.J. Bryce, Editorial Consultant

P.J. Bryce has been editing professional, academic and creative works for over ten years.  She brings her love for language, creativity and well-told, page-turning stories to the novels published by Rose and Star Press.

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